couples, families, adults

For adults, teenagers, children, couples and families

Life difficulties do not discriminate because of age or family status. Sometimes few sessions of parental or couple counselling can change the whole dynamic within the family, sometimes a longer individual or couple therapy is needed. We together decide what works best for you and your loved ones.

domestic violence problem

In problems with anxiety, depression, burnout or grief:

Although extremely useful, emotions can be difficult to bear. Anxiety, pathological anger, disgust may turn life into a constant battle. They make people withdraw from social life, avoid everyday situations, lose control ver their lives. On the other hand, an ability to acknowledge, experience or express joy, pride, satisfaction can be challenging, too. Therapy puts the steering wheel back in your hands and helps you regain the balance in your life.

disorders, grief, burnout

For existential problems:

There are moments in life when you need to look around and see in what direction to go, what decisions to make. Thanks to therapy you can set your mind back on track.

To improve your skills:

There are moments in our professional or personal life when certain skills open us a door to success. Learn to manage your stress or stage fright, stand up for yourself, act less impulsively.